Whether intended as compensation of an exhausting day of business or as a pleasure trip, the area surrounding Schrobenhausen, located directly in the heart of Bavaria, is perfect for a great variety of leisure activities.

How about staying in Schrobenhausen and taking a stroll around the old town wall or enjoying the unspoiled nature and the vast meadows that accompany the river "Paar" in the local recreational area called "Goachat". This is also the ideal place to go for a walk or to go jogging.

Explore Bavaria's rich culture in the European Museum of Asparagus (Europäisches Spargelmuseum) located directly in Schrobenhausen or by visiting the German Museum of Hop located in nearby Wolnzach.

The proximity of the world-famous provincial capital Munich offers seemingly endless possibilities when it comes to culture and leisure activities. Or how about a trip to nearby Augsburg, where once the Fuggers resided, to Neuburg an der Donau with its marvelous residence or to Ingolstadt, the home of Audi?

Schrobenhausen's location allows for quick and comfortable trips to these destinations by car via its connection to through road B300 as well as the autobahn. (Munich is reached in approximately 50 minutes via the A9, Augsburg can be reached in approx. 30 minutes via the A8 and Ingolstadt is a 25-minute drive away via B300.) By train, it is also very easy to arrive in Ingolstadt (15 minutes) and in Augsburg (35 minutes).

Schrobenhausen - Home of Asparagus

From late April until June, Schrobenhausen is in the Spotlight of gourmets from all over Germany. Asparagus from here is extraordinarily sought after by gourmets and aficionados of Bavarian cuisine alike. Several restaurants surrounding the town offer culinary creations featuring the delicious vegetable. Whether it comes in form of carpaccio, served with Sauce Hollandaise, with potatoes and ham or as asparagus liquor, it is high season for asparagus in Schrobenhausen!

Use the chance to purchase some asparagus on Schrobenhausen's market or even to pick it up directly at a farmer of your choice. You can also take a trip to the fields where asparagus is grown to see how it is harvested and to learn tricks from the farmers.

Schrobenhausen - Home of Art

The centre of Schrobenhausen has been known for its museums for a long time. The European Museum of Asparagus, the birth house of well-known portrait painter Franz von Lenbach, House Zeiselmair or the Pflegschloss: there is a lot to discover for art lovers in Schrobenhausen! Kids won't be bored, either: there are guidances and museum games that will introduce you to a world filled with history and stories from the past and that are designed specifically for children. Take your family and have a trip through the days of the past and present of the adorable old Bavarian town and its history that spans more than 1200 years!

Schrobenhausen - Home of economy

In the middle of Bavaria as well as in the middle of Europe - many global players and prospering midsize companies have moved to Schrobenhausen. The Ideal infrastructure with through roads, the autobahn, Schrobenhausen's train station and just one-hour journeys to Munich's and Augsburg's airports supports further settlement and improves life quality. Apart from the many cultural offerings that Schrobenhausen has to offer, there are great traffic connections to Bavaria's big cities.